Green manufacturing company opening HQ in Georgia with 170 jobs

The Thomaston headquarters is a $59 million investment, officials say
This is a site map of Thomaston-Upson Industrial Park, where Green Georgia LLC will build its new headquarters.

Credit: Thomaston-Upson Development Authority

Credit: Thomaston-Upson Development Authority

This is a site map of Thomaston-Upson Industrial Park, where Green Georgia LLC will build its new headquarters.

A startup that designs and manufactures sustainable building materials is opening its $59 million headquarters south of Atlanta.

Green Georgia LLC will create more than 170 jobs in Thomaston, located about 65 miles south of downtown Atlanta. The company builds low-carbon materials used to create prefabricated buildings for a variety of structures, including factories, according to a Friday news release.

“Green Georgia is an eco-friendly building solutions company that is going to transform the way we build today,” company Principal John Wolfington said in the release. “By building in a controlled environment, our products can be produced at a much lower cost and quicker than traditional construction without producing the waste that comes with traditional construction.”

Green Georgia LLC was founded in March 2022, according to Georgia Secretary of State records, and it does not have a website or presence on social media.

The company’s environmental focus continues Georgia’s aggressive recruitment of green and clean technology industries — from expanding solar panel manufacturing to electric vehicle production.

Kyle Fletcher, the executive director of the Thomaston-Upson County Industrial Development Authority, said Green Georgia LLC will likely lead to other sustainability-focused companies to look at their part of the state.

“We believe their product and mission to provide sustainable materials furthers our community’s mission to attract innovative and forward-thinking companies to our region,” he said in the release.

The company will use local contractors and builders on its headquarters, a 300,000-square-foot-facility at the Thomaston-Upson Industrial Park. The release said the expansion is needed to “address increasing demand across the Southeast.”

The headquarters is expected to be operational by early 2024.