Gwinnett deputy responds to serious car crash while on vacation

A very off-duty — as in, on-vacation off-duty — Gwinnett County sheriff’s deputy is being hailed for his actions in responding to a serious car crash in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Lt. Keith Cofer witnessed the accident in which one of the vehicles involved flipped, ejecting three of its five occupants about 30 feet away. Cofer was the first responder on the scene “and did not hesitate to render aid,” Gwinnett Sheriff Keybo Taylor said.

Cofer freed one of the victims from entrapment under the vehicle and rendered aid to the other victims until local rescue personnel arrived.

All five of the occupants are recovering from their injuries, and the day after the crash, they met Cofer to express their appreciation.

“Every day our deputies are met with challenges and their courage and efforts often go unnoticed,” said Taylor.