FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE: 'Together we can and together we will'

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Harper-Archer Elementary School principal Dione Simon Taylor has worked for Atlanta Public Schools since 1999. During the 2017-2018 academic school year, Taylor was honored as APS principal of the year while at G.A. Towns Elementary School, an academically troubled school on Atlanta’s west side. For four years Principal Taylor and her staff at Towns Elementary School worked to raise students’ test scores. Her focus has now shifted as she has been tasked to turn around Harper-Archer Elementary School, a school that was created to consolidate her former school and another academically troubled school. Taylor admits that efforts to change the school will be a heavy churn but she says anything possible with a hope. “Poverty is a thing that stands in the way of high performance sometimes,” Taylor said. “But with the right people and the right work I believe that we can show people that the zip code doesn’t matter.” (Video by Alyssa Pointer, Story by Vanessa McCray, Photos by Alyssa Pointer and Bob Andres)