Enraged McDonald’s customers throw ax, call 911

When McDonald’s customers order French fries, they expect them to be hot.

Not lukewarm.


It took a Sunday morning ax attack for that lesson to sink in at a McDonald's near Paris.

Peeved about his cold fries, the customer pulled out an ax, bashed in the drive-through window with the weapon and threw it in the restaurant before driving away from the scene, according to Le Parisien, a French daily.

Witnesses tipped off police, who spotted the man a short time later and arrested him.

The ax attack was one of at least two incidents in recent days in which disgruntled McDonald’s diners took matters into their own hands.

When Michael and Nova Smith didn't get the hash browns they ordered and employees did nothing to help them, Nova Smith threw her food in their direction and Michael Smith called 911, according to ABC15 in Mesa, Ariz.

The Smiths were cited for assault and disorderly conduct.