WATCH: Atlanta police release video of suspect in deadly double stabbing

A still image was released Monday of the man suspected in a double stabbing that left a couple dead in their apartment in Atlanta's Sweet Auburn neighborhood.
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A still image was released Monday of the man suspected in a double stabbing that left a couple dead in their apartment in Atlanta's Sweet Auburn neighborhood.

Credit: Atlanta Police Department

Atlanta police released surveillance video Monday from an apartment complex in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood that shows a person suspected in a fatal double stabbing last month.

In footage narrated by Atlanta police Homicide Commander Lt. Ralph Woolfolk, the suspect can be seen entering the apartment of 31-year-old Daniel Aaron and 30-year-old Kristen McDevitt the evening of Nov. 22. The suspect, who Woolfolk referred to as a man, stayed inside the couple’s apartment for about an hour and a half before leaving with a large safe in his arms.

A little more than an hour after the man was caught on video leaving with the safe, Atlanta police found Aaron and McDevitt stabbed to death in their apartment.

Beyond the video, Woolfolk did not share further details about the incident, the suspect’s motive or what might have been inside the safe. Police released the video and pointed out multiple unique features of the man in the hopes that the public could help identify him.

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The video starts by showing the man in the parking deck of Aaron and McDevitt’s complex, the Camden Vantage Apartments located at 180 Jackson Street. Dressed in dark pants and a dark hoodie, white shirt, dark hat and surgical mask, the man waits by a door for a few minutes, texting on his cellphone. He then walks to a different entrance, where he is buzzed in and next seen in the apartment complex’s hallways just before 6:45 p.m.

After locating the apartment where Aaron and McDevitt lived, he is let in and stays there for more than an hour, Woolfolk said in the video. The man is next seen when he leaves the apartment at 8:15 p.m., carrying the large safe. He walks quickly, appearing to slightly struggle with the weight of the safe. The man also put on blue surgical gloves at some point while inside the apartment.

The surveillance footage shows the man exiting the apartment building into a courtyard, where he pushes the safe over a fence. He then climbs the fence and jumps down to the other side before disappearing from the video.

Woolfolk pointed out that the man appeared to have a nose ring and a short ponytail sticking out from his hat. He also mentioned the man’s walking gait.

“We think that he has a very peculiar walk that’s distinct, that someone might recognize,” Woolfolk said.

No further information about the man was released, and Woolfolk did not say why Aaron and McDevitt granted him access into their apartment.

A GoFundMe page set up by a friend of the couple to pay for their final expenses has already surpassed its fundraising goal. The fundraiser collected more than $13,000 in 12 days, outstripping its goal of $10,000.

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