Woman robbed of $100 by metro Atlanta man she met on Instagram, police say

A person uses a dating app on a smartphone.

A person uses a dating app on a smartphone.

She thought it could be a love connection, but instead a Washington, D.C., woman headed home last week $100 poorer after an encounter with a man in Newton County.

They met on Instagram, the 22-year-old woman told a deputy with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. She told him she was driving to the Atlanta area July 22, and he told her to meet him at his home on Spring Valley Way.

He said his name was Jaylen, according to an incident report obtained Monday by AJC.com.

When she pulled into the neighborhood around 10:30 p.m., she found the man walking down the street.

“She did not believe the address he gave was really his,” Lt. Tom Kunz said in the report.

Their meetup then turned strange. The man got into the woman’s car and said they needed to wait for “some guys to get some money,” she told Kunz. He also mentioned he was just released from jail the day before after serving six years.

The man allegedly alluded to another crime, robbery, for which he was “looking at” a 15-year sentence, to do five behind bars.

“The complainant said she was feeling uneasy about him because it sounded like he was  going to rob the guys they were waiting for,” Kunz said. At that point, the woman said she was done.

But when she told him to get out of the car, the man reportedly pulled out a small black pistol and laid it on his lap. If he didn’t get the cash he needed from the other men, he told the woman she would “loan” it to him, she told the deputy.

“She said he made her drive to the Bank of America in Conyers near the Walmart, where she withdrew money and gave him $100,” Kunz said.

He wanted more, the woman told the deputy, but she didn’t have any extra cash after a recent car repair. At that point, the two parted ways.

The woman called Newton County authorities during her drive home the next day to report the incident. “Jaylen” has yet to be identified, but he could face robbery and kidnapping charges, according to the report.

Anyone with information should contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

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