Felon allegedly pulls gun, calls driver ‘snowflake’ in road-rage incident

A witness told Roswell police he followed an erratic driver to get his license plate and instead was threatened with a gun.

James Schumacher of Alpharetta said he watched Theodore Riehl changing lanes wildly as they drove along King Road in Roswell on May 11, according to a police report.

When Schumacher got closer, Riehl slammed on his brakes and then pulled alongside him at a traffic light, an officer wrote in the report.

“You snowflakes tailgating me, I will kill you,” the Woodstock man allegedly said while pointing a gun at Schumacher.

That’s when the 36-year-old saw a Roswell patrol car and flagged down Officer James Anglin.

Schumacher told Channel 2 Action News he didn’t know what to think.

“The last thing that went through my head is that I was about to get shot,” Schumacher told the news station.

The Roswell officer chased down Riehl, who sped away on King Road.

Riehl was driving recklessly, swerving around other motorists, not stopping at stop signs and driving on the wrong side of the roadway while fleeing Roswell police, the report states.

He was arrested when he finally stopped near the intersection of Cox and Etris roads. Police found a Ruger MK2 handgun in a box covered by a blanket on the passenger side of Riehl’s car.

Another officer recovered the gun and found marijuana in a small glass mason jar in the center console of the vehicle. Along with the marijuana was a small smoking pipe, the report states.

Channel 2 reported that Riehl is expected to face additional charges because he is a convicted felon who was not legally permitted to carry a gun.

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