Major traffic shift coming to I-285 at Ga. 400 Monday

Another major traffic shift is coming to I-285 as work continues on the interchange at Ga. 400.

On Monday, the Georgia Department of Transportation will open a new eastbound exit for Glenridge Drive and Ga. 400 northbound and southbound. Motorists will merge onto collector-distributor lanes before Roswell Road to reach those exits.

GDOT will close the existing eastbound ramp.

Credit: Courtesy of GDOT

Credit: Courtesy of GDOT

The change will happen at 5 a.m. Monday, weather permitting. It’s the latest in a series of new traffic patterns as GDOT opens new ramps and lanes at the I-285 interchange at Ga. 400. Last month the agency opened a new I-285 westbound exit onto Ga. 400.

GDOT has been rebuilding the mammoth interchange since 2017. In addition to new interchange ramps, the $800 million project includes a series of new lanes designed to take traffic off the two highways.

The completion has been delayed because GDOT has added work to the project and because of poor weather, unmarked utilities, and labor and supply shortages brought on by high inflation and the coronavirus pandemic.

Construction is now expected to be completed early next year.