Family: Man killed at ex-NFL player’s mansion worked as security for a party

A 23-year-old man died Monday after being shot in the stomach at the South Fulton mansion of a former NFL player, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The man was found around 11:15 p.m. Sunday when officers were called to the home in the 3600 block of Union Road. The residence belongs to Eddie Drummond, according to Fulton County tax records.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victim as Brandon Jones of Covington.

Family told Channel 2 that Jones, who had a brief stint in the U.S. Navy, was working as security at the home when the gunfire rang out.

"He got into an altercation with one of the patrons at the party,” brother Ryan Jones said. “He saw (the patron) reach for something and he went to defend himself and got shot.”

So far, police have been mum on the shooting.

“No further information in reference to this incident will be released at this time,” South Fulton police Detective Partrena Smith said.

Drummond was a wide receiver who played several seasons for the Detroit Lions, ending his career after the 2007 season with the Kansas City Chiefs.

He is known for hosting lavish celebrity pool parties at the home, described in previous event listings as the NFL Mansion.

Drummond recently promoted his April 28 birthday party at the mansion. Tickets sold for as much as $260.

Neighbors told Channel 2 they’ve been trying to get police to shut the parties down for fear something deadly could happen.

"It's no surprise, we've been expecting it for upwards to 2 years now,” neighbor Steven Lawrence said. “It was a matter of time before somebody got shot over there."

Ryan Jones just wants witnesses to come forward with any information they may have.

“I’m pretty sure (Drummond) has security cameras at this house,” Ryan Jones told Channel 2. “I’m pretty sure everyone had their cellphones out taking pictures. People know what happened. It’s just (a matter) of getting these people to come and say what happened.”