‘Breakdown’ S07, Ep. 5: A Trial Run

As they prepare for a murder trial that could land their client in prison for life, lawyers for Robert “Chip” Olsen road test their defense strategy with a mock jury.

Was Olsen justified in shooting a naked, unarmed U.S. Air Force veteran? The “jurors” who hear the case have lots of questions and some strong opinions.

In the latest episode of “Breakdown,” we’ll give you exclusive access to their deliberations. Their conclusions might surprise you.

Available Monday, Episode 5 “A Trial Run” is about as close as you can get to being in the jury room itself. We also examine how jury selection might ultimately make or break the difficult case.

And with the trial nearing, the mother of 26-year-old Anthony Hill gets ready to finally seek justice for her slain son, At the same time, Kathy Olsen wrestles with her own wrenching question: how to tell her 9-year-old son that his father may go to prison?

Now in its seventh season, Breakdown is hosted by AJC legal affairs writer, Bill Rankin. He’s joined by public safety reporter, Christian Boone.

This season we are partnering with WSB-Radio.

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