Who are the candidates for Atlanta City Council on Nov. 2 ballot?



The following candidates have qualified to run for Atlanta City Council this election season:

Council President: Sam Manuel, Mike Russell, Courtney English, Doug Shipman, Natalyn Mosby Archibong. Read more about the Council President candidates.

Council Post 1 At-Large Seat: Michael Julian Bond (I), Jereme Sharpe, Alfred “Shivy” Brooks, Brandon Cory Goldberg, Todd A. Gray

Council Post 2 At-Large Seat: Matt Westmoreland (I), Sonya Russell-Ofchus

Council Post 3 At-Large Seat: Jacki Labat, Keisha Sean Waites, Ralph Long, Sherry B. Williams, Jodi Merriday

Council District 1 Seat: Victor D. Tate, Clarence Blalock, Kelly-Jeanne Lee, Russell Hopson, Nathan Clubb, Jason Winston

Council District 2 Seat: Amir Farokhi

Council District 3 Seat: Byron Amos, Brandon Graham, Elijah Porter, Keona Jones, Ken Wainwright, Erika Estrada

Council District 4 Seat: Cleta Winslow (I), Larry B. Carter II, Kim Scott, Jason Dozier, Rogelio Arcila, DeBorah “Sister” Williams

Council District 5 Seat: Liliana Bakhtiari, Katrina “Katie” Kissel, Doug Williams, Amanda “Mandy” Mahoney, Samuel Bacote

Council District 6 Seat: Justin A. Critz, Courtney Jenee DeDi, Alex Wan, Kathryn Voelpel

Council District 7 Seat: Howard Shook

Council District 8 Seat: Mary Norwood

Council District 9 Seat: Dustin Hillis (I), Devin “Barrington” Ward

Council District 10 Seat: Andrea L. Boone (I), Jason Hudgins

Council District 11 Seat: Marci Collier Overstreet, Ron Shakir

Council District 12 Seat: Antonio Lewis, Jenné Shepherd, Joyce Sheperd (I)

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