Inside City Hall: Trump goes viral in Vine City

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Images of Former President Donald Trump perusing through a Vine City Chick-fil-A went viral last week, after videos show the Republican candidate ordering “30 milkshakes and also some chicken,” at the fast food restaurant.

Trump warmly greeted the workers in the majority-Black area of Fulton County that backed President Joe Biden with more than 72% of its votes in the pair’s 2020 presidential face-off.

Trump made the Chick-fil-A stop during a visit to Atlanta for a swanky fundraising event that The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported was expected to bring in $5 million for the Republican’s comeback bid. Further details that emerged about Trump’s lunch break showed it was made possible through an alliance between his campaign, local supporters and a group of HBCU students, according to the Associated Press.

But not far from Trump’s viral moment that’s been widely shared across legacy news outlets and social media alike, a group of Vine City leaders gathered for a more sobering conversation.

Atlanta City Council members along with residents stood at the corner of Joseph E. Boone Boulevard and Sunset Ave. near Rodney Cook Sr. Park on the westside, and pleaded for increased police presence in the community that, they said, is being decimated by a string of gun violence.

After the press conference, chatter swirled about the viral video of Trump at the neighborhood’s Chick-fil-A, just a short drive away.

One longtime resident noted in passing to Council member Byron Amos, who represents the area, that she may never patronize the restaurant again. Amos told us later that Trump’s visit was glaringly “out of touch” with the issues plaguing the community.

“I was proud to stand with my constituents as we sought to address the violent crime in our community. As we were seeking those solutions, former President Trump had just left the same community,” he said. “His voice on this issue of gun violence in our cities would have been invaluable, but instead, he used it to order chicken sandwiches and shakes.

“I have never seen a candidate so out of touch with the people.”

The mayor’s office declined comment on Trump’s visit to Georgia’s capital city, despite Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens’ leadership role in the Joe Biden reelection campaign. As the country gets closer to the November general election, we’ll keep an eye on where the candidates stop for photo opportunities around the city.


971111 Atlanta, Ga: Rico Wade, the CEO of Organized Noise, a R & B record label in his studio in his home. (AJC Staff Photo/Marlene Karas) 11/97

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Atlanta grieved over the weekend after music producer Rico Wade, one-third of the production group Organized Noize and founding member of the Dungeon family, died at the age of 52. His death was “sudden and unexpected,” according to a statement from him family.

Organized Noize produced hits like Outkast’s debut single “Player’s Ball” and Goodie Mob’s “Cell Therapy.”

City leaders and music legends along wide Wade’s friends and family shared tributes to the Atlanta icon. Dickens called Wade a “musical genius.”

“A product of Atlanta Public Schools, he led in the creation of a hip-hop sound that has spanned decades and genres,” the mayor said. “Without Rico Wade, the world may have never experienced The Dungeon Family, OutKast, Goodie Mob, Future and many more.

“Rico left an indelible mark on music and culture around the world and for that, the South will always have something to say,” he said.

The Organized Noize team was among many Atlanta artists featured in the AJC’s hip-hop documentary, “The South Got Something To Say,” where Wade recounted his rise to music fame.


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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's City Hall reporter Riley Bunch poses for a photograph outside of Atlanta City Hall on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023.
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