Fayette County hosting multigenerational reading challenge



The Fayette County Library is hoping to encourage residents to partake in a community reading challenge this summer.

The library system’s “All Together Now” reading challenge kicks off June 1 and backers hope it will encourage thousand of residents to get lost in the world of books.

“Summer reading is a great way for families to bond and develop a love of reading and learning,” Fayette County Library Director Michelle Bennett-Copeland said in a news release. “During summer reading, children have access to experiences that further their sense of discovery.

“Adults can learn new skills and form relationships that enhance their lives, too,” she said.

Residents can get the library’s summer reading program online at Fayette County Library (fayettecountyga.gov). It includes instructions on how to sign up for the challenge and a list of events for all ages, the library system said.

Bennett-Copeland said summer reading will help students remain prepared for education.

“Our goal is to reduce brain drain,” Bennett-Copeland said. “The literacy engagement and activities will allow participants to keep their minds active throughout the summer, which will prepare them for an enhanced school year.”