Delta flight turns back to Amsterdam airport due to maggots on plane

Passenger said rotten fish in a carry-on bag believed to be the source of insect larvae
A general view of Schipol Airport on July 18, 2014, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images, File

Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images, File

A general view of Schipol Airport on July 18, 2014, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A Delta Air Lines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit returned to Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands’ capital city on Tuesday after maggots fell from an overhead bin, according to news reports.

Fox 2 Detroit quoted a passenger, Philip Schotte, saying the maggots fell on a woman who “was freaking out.”

“She was just trying to kind of fight off these maggots,” said Schotte, who cited rotten fish in a carry-on bag as the source of the maggots, according to the Fox 2 Detroit report.

Another passenger recounted being partway through the flight when they found out that rotten fish and maggots were on board, according to shows the flight, normally lasting more than eight hours, was in the air for less than two hours before landing back in Amsterdam.

Atlanta-based Delta apologized to customers on Flight 133, who received compensation for the disruption. The airline called the cause “an improperly packed carry-on bag.”

Passengers were booked onto the next available flight. Delta said the aircraft was removed from service for cleaning.

The Amsterdam airport’s website says food is allowed in carry-ons, with the exception of liquids. Some foods are restricted from being brought into the United States upon arrival, including certain fruits, vegetables and meats.

But Delta’s contract of carriage says it may refuse to transport a passenger or remove them from a plane “when the passenger’s behavior may be hazardous or creates a risk of harm to himself/herself, the crew, or other passengers,” according to its website.

Sometimes air travel can be a messy business. Last year, a Delta flight from Atlanta to Barcelona turned back to Hartsfield-Jackson International after a passenger had an “onboard medical issue” involving explosive diarrhea.