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Catherine Chase wants to know what these curious items are in Atlanta.

Credit: Catherine Chase

Credit: Catherine Chase

Catherine Chase wants to know what these curious items are in Atlanta.

Item: Atlanta (Fulton)

Catherine Chase sent us an unusual item this week.

“There are several locations throughout the Old Fourth Ward hanging off cables from overhead wires and often dangerously in the street. Rarely have I seen these installed properly overhead. Seems like they are vulnerable to vandalism and dangerous attractive nuisances. Can you help?” She wrote.

We sent the issue to utility companies. Georgia Power said they were not responsible. AT&T asked us to send specific locations to help them investigate the items.

Days on the list: 2

Who’s looking into it: AT&T media relations, GenMedia@list.att.com

Update: Atlanta (Fulton)

In August, we told you about Andrew Immerman’s issue with a sidewalk in downtown Atlanta.

“I have been attending the Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Atlanta. For these past six years the sidewalk on MLK Boulevard between Central and Courtland and in front of the Underground Atlanta parking entrance has been in disrepair.

“Those attending services park in that parking garage have to cross this section of the sidewalk. Many of those, including myself, are elderly. I fear that one of these days someone will fall especially when it rains and water accumulates in this area. I would love if someone looked into this,” wrote Immerman.

We heard back from the city that they were checking with various departments to see the status of getting it fixed.

Days on the list: 34

Who’s looking into it: Atlanta DOT Public Relations Manager Michael Frierson, mfrierson@atlantaga.gov

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