Fulton commissioners conducting study on arts and culture accessibility for individuals with disabilities

Credit: cust

Credit: cust

For the first time, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners has approved a study on accessibility for “individuals with disabilities in utilizing performing arts facilities and assisting in developing best practices for engaging artists with disabilities in facilities across the county.”

The study will look for opportunities for those with disabilities to fully utilize arts facilities as members of the audience, employees and performers.

The county is currently surveying venues, performers and audience members on specific aspects of accessibility. The results will provide “recommendations focusing on both physical and programmatic interventions to ensure venues and organizations have the tools to make the arts more accessible.”

Survey questions ask for respondents’ opinions on what makes an art activity or event accessible or welcoming, and what barriers they have experienced when participating in or attending the arts. Participants are also invited to share suggestions for increasing accessibility.

Take the survey: www.tinyurl.com/ArtsDisabilitiesSurvey.