Alpharetta to replace 3 fire engines

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

It takes over two years to receive a new fire engine – 28 months to be exact. So to take advantage of existing pricing before an anticipated 9.5% increase, the Alpharetta City Council recently agreed to a $2,353,251 plan to replace three fire engines through Ten-8 Fire Equipment of Georgia.

Currently, Alpharetta has eight fire apparatus including five fire engines/pumpers, one fire ladder truck, one fire quint truck, and one air/light truck in active duty.

The Finance and Public Safety departments have developed a funding plan to ensure all fire apparatus are built into the annual operating budget under 10-year capital lease programs (except the Ladder Truck and the Quint Truck which will be extended to 13-years due to lower usage rates).

The city’s next scheduled fire apparatus replacements include Fire Engine 86, 84 and 85.