Midtown Assistance Center works to stop the cycle of homelessness

Midtown Assistance Center (MAC) opened with the mission of preventing hunger and homelessness by providing assistance to low-income families during a period of crisis. Through rental assistance, utility payments, a food pantry, MARTA passes, clothing and state ID assistance, MAC works to prevent the cycle of homelessness from ever beginning. Each year, MAC provides over a million dollars in assistance to thousands of households to help overcome and prevent major crises.

“We believe in providing a safety net for our neighbors who often have nowhere to turn,” said Jenny Jobson, executive director of MAC.

When the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, MAC pivoted to providing more online resources, and as it has re-opened its physical space MAC has continued to use remote practices to assist those who can’t come in for an appointment.

“As the pandemic continued into the summer of 2020, we began receiving requests for assistance from formerly stably housed middle income households,” said Jobson.

Notes of encouragement from MAC were often answered with profuse thanks from clients, highlighting the importance of MAC’s work.

“Keeping neighbors housed with utilities connected and food on the table benefits all community members,” said Jobson.

Who’s helping?

Midtown Assistance Center

Services: Rental assistance to prevent an eviction, utility payments to prevent a disconnection, a food pantry, MARTA passes for those looking for work or starting a new job, clothing for interviews or uniforms for work and state IDs.

Where supplies have gone: MAC serves 10 ZIP codes: 30303, 30308, 30309, 30310, 30312, 30313, 30314, 30315, 30318 and 30363.

Where to donate: Donations can be mailed to: Midtown Assistance Center, Inc., 613 Spring St., NW, Atlanta, GA 30308

Online donations: midtownassistancecenter.org/donate/

How to get help: Visit midtownassistancecenter.org/ to review the assistance provided and the guidelines for that assistance. Applications for assistance are posted on the website as the applications rounds open. The assistance hotline 404-681-5777 is available for questions regarding assistance and other community resources.

If you are involved in or know of an organization working to bring relief to the Atlanta community during the coronavirus pandemic OR you are with an organization with supplies that you don’t know where to donate, please email us at Shannon.n.Dominy@gmail.com