Jinya Ramen Bar in Buford fails another inspection

Jinya Ramen Bar in Buford scored 49/U on a recent routine health inspection. It was the second failing health score this year.

Jinya had several second consecutive health violations, including food storage and temperatures. For example, in the walk-in cooler, unwashed avocadoes and mushrooms were above ready-to-eat foods like eggs and cooked pork. Prepared tempura batter for shrimp was at room temperature at the cookline. It was discarded. Some food temperatures in the walk-in cooler were above safe levels.

Other repeat violations included employees wearing jewelry while working with food and old labels on utensils and containers. Also, another repeat violation was a tub of dirty dishes blocking the cookline hand sink.

Among other violations, an employee did not wash his hands when changing gloves.

Staff received training because this was Jinya’s second consecutive failing routine inspection. The restaurant at 2925 Buford Drive scored 54/U in February. It will be re-inspected over the next two weeks.