New laser scanner acquired for Henry County police

More high-tech equipment is coming for Henry County police.

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More high-tech equipment is coming for Henry County police.

The Henry County Board of Commissioners voted at its Nov. 4 regular meeting to approve the purchase of a $98,090 laser scanner kit for the Henry County Police Department. According to a staff report, this equipment will allow the department’s Crime Scene Unit and Traffic Unit to obtain measurements that help provide depictions of investigation scenes in court.

The Crime Scene Unit has been using fiberglass-measuring tape and a measuring wheel for its investigations while the Traffic Unit has been operating with out-of-date software. Both situations have required excessive amounts of time and personnel to do the work that the new equipment will do much more quickly.

The laser scanner kit, which requires only one person to operate, works in any conditions and will create a diagram for a judge and jury to have the ability to realistically view a scene in a video-style format. Information:

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