Health score drops at Blue India

Atlanta’s Blue India Restaurant on Peachtree Street saw its health score drop almost 20 points due to multiple food safety violations.

During a routine inspection, water leaked from a cooler with an ambient temperature of 45 degrees. Several food items were at unsafe temperatures and were discarded.

Multiple food items were uncovered in the coolers and freezer. Spices and liquid substances, removed from their original containers, were not labeled. Single service bowls were used as scoops for serving.

The can opener was encrusted with debris, and several cutting boards had excessive scoring and food debris.

Grease and dirt build-up was throughout the facility, and there was a hole in the kitchen wall, with an insect crawling out. The restaurant’s last recorded pest control was in May 2022.

Hand sinks were inaccessible to employees. One sink needed paper towels, and others were blocked or had food items inside.

Blue India Restaurant, 933 Peachtree St., scored 71/C, down from a previous score of 92/A, earned in 2020. It will be re-inspected.