Georgia Audubon seeking climate watch volunteers

Credit: Glenda Simmons via Georgia Audubon

Credit: Glenda Simmons via Georgia Audubon

Now through June 15, Georgia Audubon is seeking bird watchers to participate in a survey of climate change’s impact on birds. “Climate Watch” participants do not need to be expert birders but should know how to identify target species by sight and sound or be interested in learning how.

By sticking to a scientific protocol and sharing their results, these community scientists will help track whether birds are moving in accordance with projections from Audubon’s climate models.

This community-science program will ask volunteer birders across North America to survey one of twelve target species in the same place (or places) twice each year during winter (Jan. 15-Feb. 15) and summer (May 15-June 15). Participants are free to conduct their surveys on any one day during these time windows. Volunteers generally can complete one survey in two to four hours in one morning.

Information: To sign up email