After long COVID interruption, Decatur continues with 2020 Strategic Plan

Decatur is close to commencing the “virtual forums” phase of the 2020 Strategic Plan. A long stretch of roundtables, a series of small-group discussions that kicked off Jan. 23, was delayed by COVID 19 and the fact all meetings had to be, and still are, conducted virtually.

A final strategic plan was originally scheduled for submission to city commissioners sometime this fall, but of course that too has been delayed. Mayor Patti Garrett said this week the final plan is scheduled to reach city commissioners for consideration and adoption by the first half of 2021, but she had no precise date.

For now the next steps are the virtual forums, where the strongest themes emerging from the roundtables will receive revising and additional scrutiny. All residents are encouraged to participate, whether or not they were involved in the roundtables. Garrett said there’s no definitive timetable for how long the forums will last.

The forums' predominant topics include equity and racial justice, climate change, civic trust, housing, transportation, and economic development. You can contribute comments, perspectives and ideas through a smart phone or home computer at For more information about the 2020 Strategic Plan go to

Not counting its 1982 Town Center Plan, Decatur has had two previous 10-year strategic plans—that set specific goals over the ensuing 10 years--in 2000 and another in 2010. According to City Manager Andrea Arnold, the city has completed nearly all of the 89 projects outlined in the 2010 plan.