Buckets of rice discarded at Japanese grill

Buckets of rice were discarded during a routine health inspection at a Japanese grill in Lawrenceville. Though prepared the day before, the rice cooled improperly for food safety, and containers had no date markings.

For Samurai Blue Japanese Hibachi and Sushi, 2160 Riverside Parkway, it was the second consecutive cooling violation, which led to a failing health score of 35/U.

The restaurant also had several glove use violations. Employees handled raw animal foods and didn’t change the gloves or wash hands when returning to other food duties.

Another employee unwrapped raw salmon with gloved hands then continued preparing other ready-to-eat foods wearing the same gloves. Also, employees were putting on their gloves without first washing their hands.

Points were docked for possible cross-contamination of foods. For example, a food prep surface used for raw chicken and vegetables was not washed or sanitized between use. And the same tray held raw chicken, salmon and shrimp.

Among other violations, eggs at the hibachi station were at unsafe temperatures, and the ice machine had mold.