What most of you are searching Pinterest for during coronavirus pandemic

People explore ways to entertain kids, home improvement projects, more

Pinterest is good source for everything from decorating and fashion to meal planning and nutrition. During the coronavirus pandemic, people worldwide are turning to the platform for ideas to fill their days at home.

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Here are a few things Pinterest said people are searching for most:


Your kids are missing their friends. They might see one another on a classroom Zoom meeting, but they can’t chat in the halls or on the playground.

According to Pinterest, the platform has seen a 799% rise in searches for "virtual sleepovers," and searches for "virtual birthday party ideas" happen 26 times as often as before isolation.

Pinners are also searching for educational and artistic DIY activities for kids, like “free virtual field trips” (up 183%) and “stained glass windows diy kids” (82X more searches).

In the United States, Pinterest points out, “art, physical education, and problem-solving merge in the creation of a ‘sidewalk chalk obstacle course for kids’ (16X more searches).”

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Home improvement

People must be tired of staring at the walls all day, because they’re searching for ways to update them, including “triangle wall paint” (12X more searches) and “accent wall dots” (14.5X more searches) to more extensive and artistic endeavors like “electrical tape wall art” (13X more searches) and “collage wall prints” (up 705%).

And once people run out of inside space, they’re going outside. In the U.K. alone, ‘garden wall art’ searches are up 360%. Searches for “deck renovation ideas” are up 97% and “backyard renovation ideas” are up 98%. People trying not to break the bank are looking for “DIY small patio ideas on a budget” (up 658%) and “budget garden inspiration ideas” (up 528%).

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All that home improvement apparently works up an appetite — and a craving for noodles. People are searching for everything from “homemade fettuccine noodles” (up 471%) of Italy to Polynesian “Ohana noodle recipe” (up 394%), “beef ramen noodles” (up 320%) of Japan, Chinese “biang biang noodles” (up 113%), and just Jewish “noodle kugel recipe” (up 284%).

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Pinterest calculated its increases using normalized searches from the four week period of  Feb. 24 through March 22, to the four-week period of March 23 to May 19.

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