The kitchen is the heart of the home. During this coronovirus pandemic, you’re likely putting a lot of stress on that heart, however.

You’re making three meals a day for seven days each week, washing more dishes than ever before. More than once, you’ve probably wished you could make some changes.

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If so, here are some of the 2020 trends for kitchens, according to Homes & Gardens:

Pops of color

There are no rules when you go this route. Appliances come in many colors now, or you can incorporate color into cabinets or window treatments.

Double islands

If space is no issue, double up on your kitchen islands. Connect them with a countertop or bar, and you have an added workspace.

Don’t get a handle on it

Cabinets and drawers with no handles are possible thanks to technology that lets you just push them open or closed. You can also opt for recessed handles that still give your kitchen a sleek, modern look.

Gold standard

Why settle for standard silver when you can have a gold sink?

"Sinks have moved up on the scale of importance in kitchen design," Joan Fraser, product development and training manager for Smeg, told Gardens & Homes. 'Models are introduced to meet customers' demands for a sink which, in addition to being purely functional, also makes a definitive style statement.'

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