These are the top 3 beers brewed in Georgia, report says

In a new list, Thrillist ranked the top beers in all 50 states: Here are the top three brewed in Georgia

In a new list of the top beers in each of the 50 states, Thrillist says these are the best brews The Peach State has to offer.

The authors of the rankings also had a message for the rest of the country when it comes to craft beer: “Don’t sleep on Georgia!”

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When compiling the list, the authors say they looked for pioneers in the beer scene.

“Beers that made history, paved the way for others to excel — and beers that are simply the most beloved in that state,” the article states as the criteria for the rankings.

While Georgia’s craft beer has seen a boom in the last couple years, Thrillist managed to narrow its picks down to the top three, plus a couple honorable mentions.

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The Scofflaw Basement and Three Taverns Night on Ponce didn’t make the list officially, but they did still get a shout out for top contenders — hailed as being “virtually flawless.”

So what are Georgia’s top three beers? Here’s what Thrillist has to say about that

Creature Comforts Tropicália

Style: American IPA
ABV: 6.6%
Brewed by: Creature Comforts Brewing Co., 271 W Hancock Ave, Athens

Thrillist calls this “one of the most balanced American IPAs.” The list also notes that this Athens-made beer is only available here in Georgia.

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SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale

Style: Extra pale ale 
ABV: 5.7%
Brewed by: SweetWater Brewing Company, 195 Ottley Dr NE, Atlanta

SweetWater is often hailed as one of the first big players in Georgia’s craft beer scene, with its flagship pour, the 420 Extra Pale Ale. Thrillist describes it as, “a Cascade dry-hopped sipper showing Southerners how West Coast pale ales get down.”

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Wild Heaven Emergency Drinking Beer

Style: Pilsner
ABV: 4.4%
Brewed by: Wild Heaven Beer, 135B Maple St, Avondale Estates and 1010 White St SW, Atlanta

This is your lightest option on the list, in terms of alcohol by volume. Thrillist also gave a shout out to the brewery’s Ode To Mercy brew, which is an American brown style ale.

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“This crushable pils-gose hybrid packaged in a captivatingly clever yellow can became their flagship sipper,” Thrillist writes. “It’s in seasonal variations now, too.”

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