Life in quarantine: Memes, GIFs and videos to get you through social distancing

Americans Are Feeling Lonelier Than Ever

Remaining quarantined amid the coronavirus pandemic has led people to find solace in humor while keeping their distance from one another.

From missing a favorite wing joint to getting ready to go out... to the living room, Twitter users have discovered ways to cope as they try to remain several feet away from other humans.

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Some used memes, videos and GIFs to convey how they’ve been spending their time indoors — or trying to, at least.

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Others have tried to adjust to a new normal where “going out” means stepping a few feet outside your bedroom door.

Some have found ways to entertain themselves when they’re unable to invite company over.

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Parents — those of children and pets alike — have had to make some adjustments to working from home.

Plus, there are other challenges with being at home for a while.