Jimmy Carter bags a wild turkey at age 94

Jimmy Carter Is Now the Longest-Living US President

This story has been updated to reflect former President Jimmy Carter’s recent turkey hunting injury.

As Tyler Jordan put it, former President Jimmy Carter is “94 years old and still bustin’ beaks!”

Jordan and his father, Bill Jordan, recently took Carter hunting at Realtree Farms in Columbus, and Carter bagged a large wild turkey.

Bill Jordan is founder of Realtree, which began as a camouflage clothing store but now sells everything from camo outfits to comforters.

Tyler Jordan posted photos of the recent results on Instagram last month.

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This isn’t the first time Carter has brought back a turkey from a hunting trip with the Jordans, as this 2017 Facebook post shows.

On Monday, Carter fell while heading out on one of his turkey adventures, according to an AJC report. He is now recovering from hip surgery following the spill. According to Carter's press secretary Deanna Congileo, his main concern was missing out on turkey hunting, since this is the last week to do so this season.

The 39th president of the United States is known to be an avid hunter. Outdoorhub named him the fifth greatest hunting president.

“I have used weapons since I was big enough to carry one, and now own two handguns, four shotguns and three rifles, two with scopes,” Carter wrote in a 2009 op-ed to the New York Times. “I use them carefully, for hunting game from our family woods and fields, and occasionally for hunting with my family and friends in other places. We cherish the right to own a gun and some of my hunting companions like to collect rare weapons. One of them is a superb craftsman who makes muzzle-loading rifles, one of which I displayed for four years in my private White House office.”

The Times followed then-President Carter home to Plains for Christmas in 1977.

"President Carter, home for the holidays, visited with friends and relatives in this little south Georgia village today, answered a few questions from reporters, bought a hunting license and took off into the countryside to do some quail shooting," Charles Mohr of the Times wrote.

Carter has written 29 books, including some that explore his love of the outdoors. "Sharing Good Times" and "Outdoor Journal" discuss his love of hunting and fishing, and what a positive impact it has had on his life.

In 2016, the former president was inducted into the Georgia Hunting and Fishing Hall of Fame.

So it’s not surprising he could bag a wild turkey. Even at 94, few things Carter does surprise people anymore.

This past August, he and wife Rosalynn Carter — who is 91 — kicked off  the 35th annual Carter Work Project for Habitat for Humanity.

Last month he became the oldest living president. At 94 years and 172 days, Carter passed George H.W. Bush for the title.

And in 2015, he beat cancer.


Carter still builds houses for Habitat for Humanity and still teaches Sunday school at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, although he's had to cut back on his schedule.

And, it appears, he still goes hunting.

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