How to take a break in Georgia without breaking the bank

Nearly half of Americans can’t afford a summer vacation, new study finds

The last day of school is about three weeks away, which means it’s time for a summer vacation.

new survey by, however, shows nearly half of Americans won't be getting away. Of those, 60% said they just can't afford it.

Among those who said they can’t afford to take a vacation, the two most common reasons were day-to-day bills (44%) and paying down debt (22%).

"Paying down debt is important, but make sure you do it right so this isn't the reason you miss out on a summer vacation next year," said Ted Rossman, credit card analyst at Bankrate. "A balance transfer credit card with zero percent interest for up to 21 months will help you pay down your debt faster so you can get back to spending your money on more rewarding things."

Not being able to afford a trip overseas or to the beach doesn’t mean you can’t take a fun break this summer.

Atlanta is a great city for a staycation — WalletHub ranked it No. 7 out of 150 U.S. cities.

Here are a few suggestions for taking a break in Georgia without breaking the bank.

If you enjoy nature, head to Stone Mountain Park and rent a safari tent. These tents are already set up, and are big enough for two adults and two children.

For about $70 a night (depending on the date), you’ll get a queen-size bed, two sleep mats, two nightstands, a small dining table, two chairs, a fan and a lamp. Each site comes with a charcoal grill, picnic table, fire ring, electrical outlet, outside water access and a parking space.

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Too rustic? How about a yurt? For about $125 a night, you can rent a yurt on the lake in Stone Mountain Park. These yurts sleep five comfortably, and come with air-conditioning and doors that lock. You'll also get a deck that overlooks the lake, a charcoal grill and more.

Maybe camping isn’t your thing. Thanks to Airbnb, you can find affordable lodgings throughout the state.

For example, this one-bedroom cottage in Savannah sleeps four people. In June it's about $150 a night. It's in the Starland Art District and only 19 miles from Tybee Island.

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Not every kid is into camping or historical cities, however. How about taking your small people on a hike along the Doll's Head Trail?

The Doll's Head Trail might look like something out of your nightmares, but it's actually found art from around Constitution Lake. Feel free to add your own art and take pictures, but leave things like you found them.

If you drive the short distance to Pine Mountain, you can take the kids on a safari. From the comfort of your own vehicle, you can travel through Wild Animal Safari and see 550 animals, including camel, zebra, bison, giraffes and a watusi.

A family pass is $84.95, or you can buy a season pass at the park for just $50. You can also purchase animal food, in case you get very close to the park’s residents.

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