Homebuyers are willing to pay more for a ‘modern farmhouse’

Looking to sell your home? Playing up farmhouse features can drive up the asking price, Zillow finds

These features may make your home sell for more, Zillow says

Years after Chip and Jo started putting shiplap far and wide in the hit HGTV show, “Fixer Upper,” the farmhouse-style trend continues.

Not only do homebuyers still seek out the style, they are willing to pay more for it, a new analysis from Zillow shows.

The real estate company found that listings that promote farmhouse features like shiplap, barn doors and farmhouse sinks are likely to drive up asking prices.

According to Zillow, the magic words “modern farmhouse” are the most likely to result in a sales premium when mentioned in a listing.

“Modern farmhouse style, when mentioned in a for-sale listing, was associated with a 10.3% sale premium, the largest price premium of any home feature or style Zillow looked at,” according to a press release for the research. “That adds up to about $25,000 on a typical American home.”

To determine the data, Zillow looked at homes with features that contribute to a higher sale price than expected and compared them to homes without them. The analysis controlled for size, age and location of the home, as well as the time of year it was listed.

Other features that may contribute to sales premiums include: 
Waterfall countertop
Moroccan tile
Exposed brick

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However, Zillow cautions sellers from jumping on the bandwagon too quickly.

“This analysis didn’t look at return on investment, so don’t rush out to install a waterfall countertop in your kitchen and assume you’ll earn your money back in a sale,” Zillow economist Jeff Tucker said in a statement. “However, if you have these features in your home, make sure to flaunt them in your listing description during the competitive spring home shopping season.”

Zillow found that features associated with “smart homes” contributed to quicker sale times, including keywords like “smart sprinkler system” and “smart light.”