Minimalist living, music-inspired art in Midtown Atlanta loft

A love for the Rolling Stones drew David Oakey and Cindi Marshall Oakey together in 1997, and brought a British invasion, design-wise, to their Midtown Atlanta loft.

“We’ve both been pretty fanatical about the Stones,” Cindi said.

Their rock-and-roll art collection includes pieces by Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, featuring portraits of Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, and pop art pieces by artists such as Romero Britto.

“If you’re in the space, you’re viewing the art all the time,” David said.


Residents: David Oakey and Cindi Marshall Oakey. David Oakey, founder of David Oakey Designs, is the exclusive product designer for Interface and Flor modular carpet tiles. Cindi Marshall Oakey is trend analyst for David Oakey Designs.

Location: Midtown Atlanta

Size: 3,800 square feet, two bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths

Year built/bought: 2001/2004

Architectural style: Modern loft. The two-story open plan may make it difficult to watch separate TVs, but they appreciate how it encourages collaboration. "There's very little privacy that you get in our space," David said.

Renovations: They have left the loft as it was originally designed. In 2005, they added the Christopher Moulder light fixture, in an orbit design, and the remote blinds. In 2009, the patio roof was refinished, which inspired them to redesign the patio floor and outdoor furniture.

Interior design style: Minimal modern. The loft is a simplistic space emulating nature, yet with pops of color that create excitement, the couple said.

Favorite interior design elements: The couple embraces the principle of wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic that accepts materials and their imperfections. "It's just, 'Let it be,'" David said. "Too many times, we like to cover everything up and put on layers and make it perfect." They kept the exposed pipes and rafters and avoided updates such as built-in bookshelves. On the walls, the only change was adding eco-friendly cork wallpaper to a spot behind the TV. "The rest of it, we have just left as we inherited it in 2004," Cindi said.

Favorite room: The upstairs loft and patio because of the city views, both up close and afar. David appreciates details such as seeing the peak of the Bank of America building on Peachtree Street rise behind the pointed steeple of North Avenue Presbyterian Church, which is closer to them. "It's like an echo of the modern Bank of America (building)," he said.

Favorite pieces of furniture: The collection of "artsy" chairs, which add color and drama to the other neutral furniture. The loft's sculptural seating includes the Rainbow chair, by French designer Patrick Norguet.

Favorite artwork: Pieces by Romero Britto, Damien Hirst and Ronnie Wood, guitarist for the Rolling Stones.