Here’s where you can find the best bacon in Georgia, according to a new list

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Facts about Bacon

It’s crunchy, savory and salty. It goes on sandwiches, salads and is perfect with breakfast. We’re talking about bacon. While bacon is considered a breakfast staple by some, it can be hard to find locally produced bacon.

Food and culinary website Taste of Home recently rounded up the best places to buy bacon in every state and the result might surprise you.

According to the list, Pine Street Market in Avondale Estates is the best place to shop for fresh bacon. "The Pine Street Market is proud to be a whole animal butchery that uses every part of the animals," writes Taste of Home. "Their Heritage Bacon is made with pork bellies from Duroc hogs, a breed chosen by the butchers for the exceptionally juicy and flavorful meat. The bellies are smoked in applewood and oak."

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The butcher shop was opened back in 2009 by Rusty Bowers and his spouse, concentrating on fresh sausages and salami, according to previous reporting by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The shop also sells several kinds of cured meats and bacons. Their fresh cured meats are sold at several farmers markets in metro Atlanta and can be found at several restaurants including Avondale Estates neighbor My Parents’ Basement, Buttermilk Kitchen and Ria’s Bluebird.