The recipe Georgians are Googling most during coronavirus isolation

Here's the difference between whole wheat and white bread, in case you have been wondering.

As the country searches online for how to make bread, Georgians are looking for a different dish

As restaurants closed during the coronavirus pandemic, Google searches for recipes rose.

Across the country, people sought recipes for everything from bread — banana, sourdough and other kinds — to zucchini.

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The Daily Meal analyzed search histories to find out what foods people want to make, and broke the results down by state. Overall, more people were looking for banana bread recipes, with many other states seeking ways to make chicken and salmon.

And Louisiana residents Googled the most Louisiana dish there is: crawfish etouffee.

Not all recipe searches were for food, however. One state's top unique search was for a margarita recipe. We see you, Florida. The Daily Beast suggested this Meyer Lemon Margarita.

Georgians were unique in our most searched recipe, too. Yes, Georgia is the state looking for ways to make things out of zucchini. Sure, you can make zucchini bread — try it with chocolate chips or blueberries —but why stop there?

Zucchini can be baked, grilled, made into pickles and added to cakes. The Daily Meal recommends Sorbillo's Ricotta-Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms.

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