Learn to make the avocado bruschetta from Howell’s Kitchen & Bar

There's a new restaurant named Howell's Kitchen & Bar on Howell Mill Road that has a great avocado bruschetta for an appetizer. I would appreciate the recipe. Thanks. — Vicky Murphy, Atlanta

Chef Rob Phillip of Howell’s Kitchen & Bar supplied this recipe for a dish that’s so popular they really can’t take it off the menu. “Avocado toast is such a popular item on many restaurant menus so I was compelled to have one at our restaurant. It was important to create a dish that was not only delicious but a sharable option for the guests. The ripe avocado topping is flavored with citrus that opens the palate and combined with herbs and a pinch of chili. If you make this, make sure you season with sea salt because it will help accent the layers of flavor. Then we top the crisp, charred toast with marinated sweet heirloom tomatoes. It makes for a celebration of such simple ingredients.”

Howell’s Kitchen & Bar, 1962 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta. 404-565-2221 howellskitchenbar.com

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