91-year-old sets world record during Atlanta track meet: 'Hot diggity!'

World, meet one of your likely new record-holders: 91-year-old Betty Lindberg, who according to the Atlanta Track Club had one thing to say when she found out she'd set a new time for the women's 800-meter, ages 90-94.

"Hot diggity!

"I’m just so amazed, I can’t believe it," she said, according to the ATC. "I was just thinking I’d be lucky if they didn’t turn off the lights while I was finishing!"

The ATC said Lindberg set the new record on Tuesday night, while competing at one of the club's track meets at Emory University. Her 6:57.56 time, which is pending ratification, bests the previous world record in her group by more than 1 second (Rosario Iglesias' time of 6:59.18, set in Brisbane, Australia.)

“I was very surprised,” Lindberg said, according to the ATC. “I had never even thought to check to see what the record was!”

Lindberg, who finished a 200-meter event a few weeks ago, will next run in the annual AJC Peachtree Road Race, according to the ATC.

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"There’s no telling what I might be able to do!" Lindberg said, according to the ATC. "I’m going to give it a try in the other stuff."
With one exception, she said: "I just don’t think I’ll do the pole vault or high jump."