You can get Georgia’s best doughnut 24/7, according to new analysis

2020's best doughnuts in metro Atlanta

Who can deny themselves a sweet treat every now and then?

Although this time of year is one where we put indulgence to rest and focus on health, doughnuts can still offer a light, airy piece of tasty delight.

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Thankfully, Business Insider recently rounded up the best doughnuts around the nation and you never have to wait to satisfy your craving for Georgia’s pick.

The financial and business news website analyzed reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor along with listicles to come up with the most popular places to get doughnuts in every state. It also asked residents and food-lovers where the most well-liked places are to get the pastries locally.

“Many mom-and-pop shops just know how to make good classic doughnuts, while others are newer artisan shops that have more fun and decorative doughnuts that are equally delicious,” Business Insider reported.

Georgia’s best doughnut comes from Sublime Doughnuts, which has been voted the best doughnuts in Atlanta in the AJC’s Best of Atlanta poll last May.

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Sublime Doughnuts prides itself on using fresh ingredients and fun, whimsical recipes,” Business Insider noted. “It has a secret-menu chicken and waffles doughnut, and its most popular doughnut is the fresh strawberries and cream.”

Kamal Grant founded the doughnut shop in 2008 and since then he’s thought up such flavors including cotton candy and pistachio cannoli as the creative director. Thrillest reported these pasties were unlike any that had been seen in Atlanta. Grant spread the word about his unique flavors, such as Oreo-topped doughnuts and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ones, the old fashioned way — by word of mouth.

“Those donuts are kind of blasé now,” Grant, a former Navy cook and baker, told the website, “but back when we opened, people had never seen anything like it. They were revolutionary.”

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