Why everyone’s talking about the 88-year-old exotic dancer from ‘AGT’

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‘I want to give America a real show, a get-up-and-go show!’

While “America’s Got Talent” wrapped up their auditions Tuesday, a fan favorite didn’t go through despite “promising to take off more clothes” if she does.

Janet Gaynor Colby from Allentown, Pennsylvania, best known by her stage name, Penny, took her act to one of the biggest stages in television — “America’s Got Talent.”

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At 88 years old, the sassy burlesque dancer won the audience’s heart with her routine. She claims to be “America’s oldest burlesque dance.” She’s a member of the Burlesque Hall of Fame and has been dancing her entire life.

Colby is not stranger to the Las Vegas strip, as she’s a steady participant in the Sin City’s Exotic World convention. On Tuesday, dressed in her red, white and blue boa she had a special message for America.

“I want to give America a real show, a get-up-and-go show!” she said on the hit show.

The judges loved her, and Simon Cowell asked if she’s looking for another husband. Colby has been married six times and playfully answered the question.

“Yes, but it takes a while to break them in!”

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The 80s burlesque star has passed on her creative talents to her granddaughter — who at 52 is also a Burlesque Hall of Famer. Colby has performed with her granddaughter in the past and said she might continue to take the show on the road.

Although she put on a great show, and had a magnetic personality, Colby did not advance in the competition.