What is ‘lucky girl syndrome,’ the trend taking over TikTok?

Could positive thinking be your golden ticket to a better life?

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“Lucky girl syndrome” is the latest TikTok trend — and it’s one that some experts actually approve of.

The term “lucky girl syndrome” was first coined in 2022, but didn’t hit social media feeds until more recently, when Laura Galebe (user name @lauragalebe), shared a video explaining why she’s “one of the luckiest people” she knows.

“I get the most insane opportunities thrown at me out of nowhere,” said Galebe “There’s literally no better way to explain it than it feels like the odds are completely in my favor.”

The video, which has over 3 million views, sparked quite a debate, with some users saying this type of thinking sets people up for disappointment, while others simply said Galebe was delusional. Despite the negative feedback, Galebe stands firm in her “delusion.”

“Be delusional for a month and tell me your life doesn’t change,” she responded.

So does “lucky girl syndrome” really work? Manifestation coach Juliette Kristine Conner spoke with TODAY.com and claimed that the technique has been around for quite awhile.

“You want to be in a positive mood when you say it as this will make it feel more believable,” Conner told TODAY. “Trying to tell yourself that you’re lucky when you are feeling down will make it feel pushed and forced, like you’re lying to yourself.”

According to TODAY, here are some affirmations to help embrace the lucky girl mindset:

  • “Great things are always happening to me unexpectedly.”
  • “I’m so lucky.”
  • “Everything works out in my favor.”
  • “It is always working out for me.”
  • “The universe is always working in my favor.”
  • “I’m the luckiest person I know.”

With this new wave of positive thinking, some TikTok users are calling it a modern day version of “The Secret,” a book from 2006 that focuses on the effects of positive thinking and the law of attraction.