TikTok: Moon phase trend claims to determine soulmates

Why leave it to the stars when you could just ask TikTok?

Lovers of astronomy and romance are all over the latest TikTok trend, which claims to reveal their soulmate.

The moon phase trend involves taking the phase of the moon on your and your love interest’s birthdays, then combining them to see if they form a full moon. If they line up, you’ve found your soulmate, at least according to TikTok. If the moons don’t align, then your relationship presumably won’t last.

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The trend has gone viral with more than 147 million views. Single users have decided to jump on the trend too, matching their moon phase with those of their pets and best friends — after all, there is more than one way to have a soulmate and it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic.

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Unlike most TikTok trends, which employ in-app features, the moon phase trend requires users to download a separate application. Here’s how you can make you own moon phase video:

  • Download the CapCut editing app (this app is already popular with TikTok creators)
  • Search the hashtag #moonphase
  • Go to moonphases.co.uk, put in your birthday and the other person’s birthday
  • Download the images, then select them in CapCut (the images will automatically superimpose)
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