This is the cost of happiness in Georgia, according to study

The Peach State landed on the list of the top 25 happiest US states

If you’re in the pursuit of happiness, you may want to check a recent study to learn whether or not you’re in the ballpark of a certain salary.

London-based job discovery platform DirectlyApply analyzed the association between happiness and wealth among U.S. states and major cities around the world.

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“Analyzing data from the World Happiness Report for the happiest countries and US states against the average salary and retirement savings around the world — we’ve uncovered just how much wealth you need to have in order to live an amazing life,” the website said.

To determine how the cost of happiness, DirectApply found the happiest U.S. states and countries around the world in the World Population Review and evaluated the average annual salary from the cost-of-living database Numbo to determine how much consumers need to make to be happy.

Additionally, analysts examined the average retirement age for each state and country along with the average life expectancy. The study included all 50 U.S. states to round out a list of the top 25 happiest ones.

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Georgia managed to make it in the top 20, landing at No. 19 for the happiest states in the United States. The Peach State has a happiness rating of 55.15 and according to the findings, it costs an average of $56,562.36 to live happily down south.

Hawaii came out on top of the list, however, with a happiness rating of 68.27 and average annual earnings of $38,604.96 to be satisfied in the Aloha State. Yet you can earn even less in Kansas and be happy; according to the study, it only takes an average income of $33,937.92 a year to live with a smile on your face.

For a complete list of the top 25 happiest states and how much you need to earn to live there, see below.

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This Is How Much You Need to Earn in the Top 25 Happiest US States

  1. Hawaii – $38,604.96
  2. Utah – $45,563.64
  3. Minnesota – $51,339.24
  4. North Dakota - $46,311.00
  5. California - $55,006.32
  6. Idaho - $34,729.68
  7. Maryland - $44,538.24
  8. Iowa - $40,410.36
  9. South Dakota - $52,607.00
  10. Nebaska - $39,920.04
  11. Wisconsin - $34,539.48
  12. Connecticiut - $41,204.00
  13. New Jersey - $34,012.00
  14. New York - $68,053.20
  15. Virginia - $67,001.00
  16. Massachusetts - $60,460.20
  17. Washington - $69,771.36
  18. Colorado - $52,811.40
  19. Georgia - $ 56,562.36
  20. North Carolina - $51,508.68
  21. Arizona - $43,005.48
  22. Texas - $49,446.84
  23. Illinois - $51,054.00
  24. New Hampshire - $55,306.00
  25. Kansas - $ 33,937.92

While it takes earning about $57,000 a year to be happy in Georgia, in Atlanta, it’ll cost you more than double that amount. According to a 2019 study from Purdue University and, residents need an annual salary of $121,170 minimum to be happy in the state capital.