Georgia among top 20 happiest states in US, new ranking says

Want to live a happy life? Your well-being could depend on where you live, according to a new report.

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Financial website WalletHub recently conducted a study to determine the happiest places in America. To do so, its researchers compared the 50 states across three major categories: emotional and physical health, work environment, and community and environment.

Within those categories, the analysts examined 31 key dimensions, such as depression rate, income growth, safety and work hours. Each metric was weighted and graded on a 100-point scale, with 100 being “maximum happiness.”

After assessing the data, WalletHub found Hawaii was the most content state with a total score of 66.48. Utah (65.93) took the No. 2 spot, while Minnesota (65.57) was No.3.

Although Georgia wasn't the happiest state in the country, it ranked in the top 20. It was No. 17, moving two spots up from last year's round-up.

Here’s a snapshot of Georgia’s results:

Total score: 54.61

Emotional and physical well-being: No. 18

Work environment: No. 32

Community and environment: No. 17

The Peach State was also No. 5 for lowest share of adult depression.

So which state was the unhappiest? West Virginia came in last place with a total score of 33.73.

If you want to know how other areas fared, take a look at the map of findings below.

Source: WalletHub

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