This is how much it costs to comfortably retire in Georgia

Thinking about retirement? Here’s how much it will cost to live comfortably in Georgia, according to GoBankingRates

Retirement in these states costs less than $45,000 a year.GoBankingRates analyzed every state in the nation to decide where to retire under $45,000 yearly.Here's the cost of annual expenditures in 8 states. New Mexico - $44,997.Alabama - $44,897.Georgia - $44,897.Missouri - $44,646.Kansas - $44,143.Arkansas - $44,093.Oklahoma - $43,591.Mississippi - $42,587

Deciding when to retire is largely a financial decision and determining if you have enough cash in the bank to do so depends on where you call home.

A report found some good news for Georgians. The Peach State is among the places where comfortably retiring is most affordable, comparatively.

The report, published by personal finance website GoBankingRates, determined how much it costs to retire comfortably in every state. To do so, the report looked at factors like price of groceries, health care, housing and transportation.

Then, after calculating the retirement income needed to cover living expenses state by state, the report added an additional 20% to account for a “comfortable” retirement.

“In some places, you can get by on even a small nest egg, while in others, even $2 million won’t be enough. Your age at retirement also plays a factor,” the report notes.

GoBankingRates also based the numbers on a 20-year retirement.

After crunching the numbers, they determined that a comfortable retirement in Georgia costs $57,051 a year.

That makes Georgia the 11th most affordable state for comfortable retirement in country. GoBankingRates reported that total expenditures are $45,641 in the Peach State and the 20% comfort buffer was $11,410.

How much does it cost to have a comfortable 20-year retirement in Georgia? GoBankingRates says $1,141,020.

The report determined that Hawaii, the District of Columbia, California, New York and Massachusetts are among the most expensive places to have a comfortable retirement. In Hawaii, it requires $120,909 annually.

While the report notes that “the state in which you live can play a big role in how early you can retire, as evidenced by the low average retirement ages across wide swaths of the South and Midwest.”

Mississippi is the cheapest state in the nation to have a comfortable retirement — at $46,993 per year.