This is Georgians' favorite pizza, according to analysis

The recent findings come just in time for National Pizza Month

Pizza is probably the most popular food in the universe. But what about the toppings?

Although October is National Pizza Month, people love pizza no matter the time of year. But according to a recent analysis, Georgia may not be so fond of the cheesy, saucy, doughy food.

Career resource site Zippia analyzed data from Yelp and pizza industry publication PMQ Magazine to determine the favorite pizzas across the nation and which states order the most pies.

Known for its reviews, Yelp tracked the number of national pizza orders placed on the website and Eat24 before filtering it by state. PMQ Magazine provided data on pizzerias per capita. Analyzers at Zippia assumed that the more pizza places there were in a given area, the more people adored the Italian-imported favorite.

It turns out Georgia’s favorite pizza toppings involve one that’s spurred a debate or two online. Despite being the Peach State, residents adore another fruit on their savoy pies: pineapple. The most popular is the Hawaiian pizza, which is topped with cheese, ham and pineapples. The southern state isn’t alone in its adoration of the sweet and savory pie, either. North Dakota and New Mexico count it as their No. 1 choice, too.

But while Georgians are in favor of Hawaiian pizza, Hawaiians aren’t fans of the meal. The Aloha State was also found to like pizza the least, with Georgia liking it a little more. They ranked at No. 50 and 43 respectively.

Regardless of the feelings toward pizza statewide, Atlantans have proven they remain passionate about the meal.

Earlier this year, more than 3,500 people cast their votes in The AJC’s Best of Atlanta poll to determine their favorite spot to grab a slice. Winning the poll were the self-described pizza artisans at Varuni Napoli, which scored nearly half of all the votes.