Take your dog to happy hour and support Atlanta Humane Society

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Why should people get to have all the happy hour fun?

Everleigh Duluth is hosting a “yappy hour” at Duluth Town Green. The apartment and condo building invites guests to attend the free July 20 event and donate items to the Atlanta Humane Society.

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“Bring your fur baby to the Duluth Town Green for yappy hour with new friends and neighbors. Take home an adorable bandana for your pet and enjoy cold refreshments,” the Facebook event description said.

Those who can’t make it can come out on Tuesday, July 27 for another “yappy hour.”

Since the apartment complex is an Atlanta Humane Society donation center, attendees can drop off much-needed pet care or office items. Pet-related items the organization needs include paper towels, bleach, blankets and dog and cat toys. Gift cards from Petco, PetSmart, Amazon, Lowes, Kroger, Target and The Home Depot are also welcome.

Everleigh Duluth is an active adult community for people 55 and older. The complex on Hill Street isn’t far from Duluth Town Green, where the get-together will be hosted.

Meanwhile, several events are being hosted on Duluth Town Green this summer. They include the Duluth Farmers Market, Back-to-School Bubblepalooza and Duluth Pep Rally.

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Dog Days of Summer - Yappy Hour

11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Tuesday, July 20 and July 27

Duluth Town Green: 3167 Main St., Duluth