Study: Atlanta makes top 20 list for foodie cities in America

It’s no secret that Atlanta’s restaurant game is strong. And, of course, home cooks are no slouches either. According to WalletHub, those factors — as well as thriving food truck and farmers market scenes — have made Atlanta one of the top 20 foodie cities in the country.

For its rankings, WalletHub gathered data from more than 180 cities across the U.S. using 28 key indicators for foodie-friendliness. According to the outlet “these wallet-friendly cities cater to diners who prefer to cook at home, explore the local flavors or both.”

The data used determined a list of the top 20 foodie cities in America based on affordability, diversity, accessibility and quality — and sitting in the twelfth spot is Atlanta.

“Foodies enjoy discovering new and unique flavors wherever they can find them, including in their own kitchens and less prominent establishments like street food stalls. For these people, the experience of eating is elevated to a hobby or even a lifestyle,” explained WalletHub.

The top three cities on the list were Orlando, Florida; Portland, Oregon; and Sacramento, California.

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