Rick Ross really wants to know who parachuted into his yard during his car show

Thousands flocked to Fayetteville’s Promise Land on Saturday to participate in Rick Ross’ famous Car and Bike Show — a 300-acre car enthusiast playground of vintage vehicles, custom builds and rare finds. The event, however, reportedly had an unexpected guest who has since caught the attention of the Promise Land host himself.

Rick Ross took to social media after the event to reveal that someone parachuted into his yard during the festivities. While the iconic rapper said on social media he would “do you dirty” to anyone that jumps his estate’s gates in the future, he was quite pleased with the unexpected aerial performance at the Car and Bike Show.

“Someone send me the footage of the gentleman parachuting out of the plane that landed in the backyard during the car show,” Ross said on social media. “Now I said to myself, please don’t arrest the parachuter. No, I don’t know them. The only thing I don’t like about it is he didn’t tell me what time to expect him jumping out of the go----n plane and landed in my backyard.”

According to Ross, the unidentified visitor was in high spirits after the stunt.

“He had a huge smile on his face, and said, ‘Please don’t press charges.’ Now if anybody jump the gate in the future, I’m (going to) do you dirty. But if you parachute, just let me know what time you jumping, baby.”

The high flyer’s performance almost took place to an empty crowd, as Rick Ross’ Car and Bike Show was previously in peril after Fayette County denied the event’s permit last month. By late May, however, the permit was finally approved — largely due to Ross’ assurance to the county that he would alleviate any traffic concerns at the event.