This is why your basement floods during stormy weather

When it rains, your basement can flood for a number of reasons. Gravity is the main culprit, of course, since your basement is the lowest living space in the house, but other factors are often at play.

“The answer to ‘why does my basement flood when it rains’ is complicated as there are a plethora of reasons behind basement flooding,” AdvantaClean, a structural repair company born in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, reported. “If you do experience water in your basement, it is crucial that you find the source and fix the problem before it gets worse.”

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Water pooling around a home’s foundation — usually caused by a bout of heavy rain — is the main cause of basement flooding. Gravity pulls the water downward, leading the liquid through every crack and crevice and into your basement.

“One of the most common causes of water pooling up against a home is failure to maintain functioning eavestroughs and downspouts,” Utilities Kingston, a U.S. multi-utility provider, reported. “If those roof drainage systems fail, or freeze-up in the winter, they can cause all water from the roof to drain right beside the house and seep along the foundation wall and possibly into the basement.”

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From a faulty drainage system to poor foundation weatherproofing, there are a number of different ways water can find its way into your basement when it rains. Always clean and maintain your home’s gutters and downspouts to mitigate water buildup around the house.

Once you have identified a water leak in your basement, contact your homeowner’s insurance company to discuss what related damages your policy covers. Then, contact a professional repair company to inspect your home so that the exact cause of the flooding can be found.

Always remember to shut off the power and gas before venturing down into a flooded basement for cleaning, which should be done with protective gear. To remove excess water from the basement, consider purchasing a sump pump or wet vacuum.