RuPaul shows off Beverly Hills mansion for Architectural Digest

Check out the inside of RuPaul’s Beverly Hills home

RuPaul Fast Facts

Former Atlanta resident and drag icon RuPaul recently invited Architectural Digest into his home, revealing that the queen of drag is living glamorously in a sprawling Beverly Hills mansion. Now everyone can take a video tour of the incredible house.

RuPaul and his husband, Georges LeBar, purchased the European-style L.A. home in 2019. The dynamic duo then recruited interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and architect Christopher Hatch McLean to bring it to life.

“This is the house of Ru, a mansion of style designed as the center stage for the world’s most famous and celebrated drag queen,” Bullard told Architectural Digest. “It’s the ultimate runway for the supermodel of the world. I could not imagine a more appropriate place for the universe’s drag mother to hold court.”

The houses’s most stunning space is the ground-floor ballroom. Filled with massive disco balls and photos of Billie Holliday, Grace Jones and Diana Ross, the ballroom’s black and white backdrop glitters and shimmers with style.

“We love music,” RuPaul told Architectural Digest. “We love to dance. And when I was coming up, there was always a place that said ‘cocktails, dancing.’ (That) doesn’t happen anymore. So we decided we need a disco in our house, and this is it. There are 26 disco balls up there.”

For the home chef, however, the kitchen might just give the ballroom a run for its money. Illuminated by custom light fixtures reminiscent of archaic scuba gear, the white marble kitchen is contrasted by black cabinets trimmed in white and enshrined in golden-colored metals.

“If you can’t be happy in your own home, how the h--l are you going to be happy anywhere else?” RuPaul jokingly asked.