How to protect your lawn and garden from cold and rain

Keep that yard in summer shape all through winter

Winter is here, and the cold and rain has come along with it. When it comes to gardening and landscaping in Atlanta, that means you have to be ready for a sudden cold snap or a torrential downpour.

Local landscaping company Metro Atlanta Lawn Care offered some advice for Atlanta’s landscapers to ensure no one has to go through a troublesome winter.

For starters, if you have sprinklers, make sure they are protected from the freezing cold.

“One of the biggest things our clients have seen is the bursting of sprinkler pipes which can be combated by winterizing them and also the freezing of their annual flower beds,” Metro Atlanta Lawn Care told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “This can be helped by covering up with some plastic during the cold.”

Whatever the temperature, your yard can also be damaged by significant rainfall as well. Grading can go a long way, when it comes to protecting your yard from flooding.

“The biggest thing we see when storms come are flooding of lawns and their homes, so making sure the lawns are properly graded and making sure the gutter systems are properly connected and drain into some type of drainage system will be a big help to homeowners,” the Atlanta-based landscaping company said.

In the end, to keep things clean and healthy in your yard, consider the effectiveness of your property’s drainage system and always participate in regular yard maintenance.

“So pretty much having an ongoing maintenance company with regular maintenance, including chemical treatments and a proper drainage system, will be a big game changer for any home owner and the up keep and preservation of their property.”

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